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Auto Loan FAQ’s

What Do You Need For An Auto Loan?

You need proof of income also a valid driver’s license and at some car dealerships you need proof of auto insurance.

What Dealerships Do We Work With?

We work with thousands of car dealerships from the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. There are buy here pay here car dealerships that can approve you too for a new or used car.

How Long is The Approval Process?

To get approved for an auto loan with us and our dealerships it can take 24-48 hours and the car dealership will be calling you. (Note: This is standard with all car dealers we work with).

What Are My Down Payment Options For Cars?

This is all depending on the car dealership you will be approved by. Some car dealerships down payment requirements may go according to your credit. While other car dealerships may ask for $0 down on new cars or used cars. Asking the car dealership themselves is best.