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US Drive Now!

US Drive Now!

Are you currently looking for a new or used car and don't have the best credit? We are here to help you connect with the best qualified car loan.

How we can get you an auto loan.

There are three really simple steps you can search new and used cars below or use our new and used car locator tool.

Auto Financing For Bad Credit

Why Get A Bad Credit Auto Loan Get auto loan offers directly from online lenders and have the ability to compare auto loan rates from local car lots when you have good or bad credit....

Search Used Cars

We have a large inventory of new or used cars that you can find local to your area. Get the best price or if you shopping on a budget it might be worth a look...

auto loans with bad creditHow you can get an auto loan with bad credit, no credit, or poor credit

US Drive now is able to connect you to available car dealerships for special financing and/ or auto loans that will fit into your budget. We have connections for the proper auto loans with bad credit so you can finance a used vehicle or a new one.

We have car dealerships that span the Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington areas. They all are able to focus on bad credit, no credit, subprime credit, and good credit auto loans.

Some car dealerships might be able to work better car loans depending on the credit score. The better your credit score the better car loan payment you will have.

US Drive Now works with car dealerships that can also offer low down payment options or zero down payments on used cars. But that zero down payment is heavily weighted on your credit score.

The best recommendation is to at least have $500 down for a used car when you trying to finance. This will allow you to not have to get a loan for the whole cost of the used car. Car dealerships might ask for more or less.

Another option you available to buy a new or used car with financing is to shop around locally at the banks and credit unions to see what kind of auto loans they can offer you with bad credit.

Even though car dealerships are competitive with credit unions it might help you with the best buying power for new and used cars.

We are available to connect you to the best car dealership for the best car deal in Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington.

What car dealers we work with

Currently, we have a few buy here pay here car dealers that also offer auto financing for new and used cars. If your credit isn’t being accepted a BHPH car lot might have a vehicle that is better suited for you. Most buy here pay car lots to have at least 2010 or better vehicles to chose from.

Let us be your connection for a chance to get an auto loan today.